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San Sebastiano

Gran Baita

Gran Baita


In the beautiful scenery of the Cozie Alps, on the border of the Maritimes Alps and France, the Valle Maira is rediscovering its beauties thanks to a foreign tourism aware of its wonderful landscapes and of the 194 semi-abandoned boroughs spread over its vast area, which recreate the atmosphere of ancient times.

The beautiful landscapes and fascinating villages are the characteristic elements of the Valle Maira, which retains a rich history of continuous transformations and contacts between man and nature.

In just 45 km of landscapes we have a variety of different environments: from wide and inviting oak and chestnut forests, to huge canyon with vertical walls: hiking lovers or anyone who loves outdoor sports can’t miss this opportunity. Those who prefer comfort can, instead, have a walk around the magnificent views of the Valle Maira, visit the ancient boroughs, museums, or just enjoy the sun staying in touch with nature while tasting a delicious local cuisine dish.

San Damiano Macra, a small distinctive village, is located in the lower part of the Valle Maira and includes the area of the ex-districts of Pagliero, Lottulo and Paglieres. We can find the first evidences of its existence in the founding act of the Caramagna monastery of 1028. While you walk through the village you can admire, in Via Aldo Beltricco, the stone fountain of 1507, consisting of a tub and an octagonal pillar, on which coat-of-arms and lion heads are carved.

Some structures (Luce, Sole, Riposo) are located in a very accessible area just a few hundred meters from the center of San Damiano village. The others (San Sebastiano, Le Terrazze, Gran Baita) are on the slopes of the Pagliero valley in their respective villages Fracchie and Paolini. Here you can breathe the typical atmosphere of the Valle Maira, an unspoiled place of history and traditions which now more than ever, are rediscovered by lots tourists and young people who come back to live in these places, which have been left for a very long time.

The paths, which link many of the village vallone of Pagliero, are very suggestive for trekking and mountain bike.

The large areas around our facilities contribute to the uniqueness of these places and allow every guest to live an unforgettable experience.
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